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This Is Where I Leave You - Get Uncomfortable Quiz

Personality Dysfunction Quiz: Design, copywriting and HTML5 development


Dolphin Tale 2 - Dolphin Trainer for a Day Contest

Tumblr Video Contest Site: Concept, design and Tumblr development.


The Conjuring

Large digital ad campaign to support the release of the critically-acclaimed horror film: Rich Media, Social Integration, Site Takeovers and Custom Video.

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Large digtial campaign including several high-profile Site Takeovers and Rich Media ad experiences.

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We developed several Site Takeovers and Rich Media ads to support the launch of BBC America's second original program.

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We have been creating rich media ads for Clinique since 2011.

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We designed and developed Flash, Rich Media and Site Takeovers for this kick-ass Melissa McCarthy comedy.

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Warner Bros International

In addition to the domestic campaigns for WB, we have worked on dozens of intl campaigns including concepts, rich media and social media assets

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Orphan Black Season 2

After the huge success of Orphan Black Season 1, we couldn't wait to work with BBC America again on the second season. We developed several Rich Media Ads, Takeovers and Flash ads for the highly anticipated second season.

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We designed and developed the webite for the ITVS web series "FutureStates" from 2009 - 2013, highlighting the work of independent filmmakers. 


Hall Pass

For the release of the comedy film "Hall Pass," we developed this "Create Your Own Hall Pass" application with photo upload and Facebook integration.


Copper Season 2

BBC America's hit show, Copper, returns for its second season. We developed Standard Flash, Rich Media and Site Takeovers to support the launch.

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Experience the beauty of the world of Epic in these Rich Media and Flash ads. 
WEBBY'S 2014 Official Honoree!

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Ganache For Lips

We designed and built this website for a local skincare retailer.


Orphan Black Season 1

BBC America's first original series, Orphan Black, joins their "Supernatural Saturdays" line-up. The campaign consisted of several Site Takeovers, Rich Media ads and Flash Ads. 

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Magic Mike

For the release of the highly-anticipated Steven Soderberg film, Magic Mike. We created engaging Site Takeovers, Rich Media Ads and Flash Ads in the style of the film. 

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Happy Feet Two Tile Game

In addition to the media campaign, we also created a Tile Swap Game for Happy Feet Two featuring the characters from the film. Play this addicting game now!



For the release of this super fun kid's film, we created some highly creative games. Play the "Bogger Flicker" and "Staring Contest" games now!


Yogi Bear Catapult Game

We created this original "Pic-a-Nic Basket" Catapult Game for the release of the new Yogi Bear film. The game was featured within an Expandable Banner Ad.


Pei Wei: Wok Chef Cooking Game

We created this time-based cooking challenge game for PeiWei Diners. The game was hosted on Facebook with daily score challenges and prize give-aways. We were responsible for all the Design, Illustrations, Flash Animations and Audio Design.


This Means War: Paintball Challenge

We developed an addicting Paintball game to support the release of the action-comedy, This Means War!


The CheeseBoard Collective

The Cheeseboard is an extremely popular restaurant and bakery in Berkeley. We worked on the concept, design and development of the site, including the custom Content Management System.
* Won East Bay Express Best Website for a Local Business for 2011



When Netflix approached us they were still doing the extremely basic, static ads that we are all used to seeing. They tasked us with proposing some new approaches through pitch work, as well as jazz up some of their live Flash ads.

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Sherlock Holmes 2

To support the second installment of the blockbuster Sherlock Holmes, we developed massive Site Takeovers, Rich Media Expands and Yahoo Front Page ads.

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Beautiful Creatures

Large site takeovers, Rich Media and Facebook Application in support of the film Beautiful Creatures. Based on the best-selling young-adult novels.

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Happy Feet Two

We had tons of fun creating engaging ads and games for the second Happy Feet film. This large campaign consisted of Standard Flash, Progressive Video Ads, Rich Media Expands, a Flash Game and Site Takeovers.

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Journey 2

For the kids action film sequel, Journey 2, we created fun, engaging Rich Media Ads, Site Takeovers and Flash Ads. 

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Telling Pictures

Website design and build for Academy Award-winning filmmakers. Includes a custom Content Management System.


Sweeney Todd

Tim Burton's horror-musical was certainly a fun project! We developed beautiful Flash and Rich Media ads to support the release.

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PBS: 2012 Holiday E-Card Maker

We worked with PBS to create their Holiday E-Card. The application was built in HTML/Javascript for accessibility on all devices. 


Con Artist Hall of Infamy

We had the pleasure of working with Warren Hellman and Arthur Rock to create this Hall of Infamy for the most infamous white-collar criminals. We did all design and development, including a custom Content Management System. 2014 WEBBY'S Official Honoree!


Where the Wild Things Are

We were excited to be able to work on ads for this gorgeous Spike Jonze project. We created a Flash Game, Standard Flash and Rich Media ads in the style of the film.

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Sucker Punch

This highly visual film featured many unique kick-ass women characters. We made sure to feature them in these Standard Flash, Rich Media and Site Takeover ads.

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Got Milk: White Gold

We partnered with Odopod in San Francisco to develop these Standard Flash ads (that rock!)

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Baron Davis’ Boomiverse

Former Golden State Warriors point guard, Baron Davis, asked us to work on his personal website, which was inspired by old-school science fair projects. Boomiverse was constructed with all original photography, animation, Flash programming and sound design.


Steve’s Auto Care

Website design and build for local mechanic and car dealership.


Fox Home Entertainment

We have developed several campaigns to support many of Fox Home Entertainment's film and TV releases. This is just a small selection of the work.

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Infinite Massage

Website design and build for local corporate massage company. We also did a custom photo shoot for all site images.


WB 2011: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

Standard Flash, Rich Media and Site Takeovers

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Elvira Mistress of the Dark

We were so excited to create the website for Elvira Mistress of the Dark! We did all the Design, Flash animation, and Flash programming on this fun site. 
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